Lahore Visit

Fr. Brian Butanas, SDB and Bro. Alex Abelgas, visited the Don Bosco Technical and Youth Center in Lahore, Pakistan.

This visit highlights the ongoing support and collaboration within the Salesian community, emphasizing their commitment to education and youth development in Pakistan.

Don Bosco Technical and Youth Center in Lahore is renowned for providing technical education and vocational training to young people, empowering them with skills and opportunities for a better future, under the leadership of Fr. Noble Lal, SDB Rector & Bro. Piero Ramello, SDB

Fr. Brian Butanas and Bro. Alex Abelgas, as Technical Directors of Don Bosco One TVET Philippines Inc (DBOTPI), facilitate visits, resource sharing, and capacity-building initiatives to support and strengthen the global network of Don Bosco TVET Centers in providing high-quality technical and vocational education.