Bamboo Planting Preparations

Don Bosco TVET Center Balamban is partnering again with JCI Metro Cebu Uptown for a “Bamboo Planting Activity” later this month. Batch 46 volunteers have started to dig 100 holes for the bamboo propagules last April 19 and April 20, 2021.

This is part of the Bamboo NCII supplemental program for our students and one of our Green TVET Center initiatives. Don Bosco TVET Center Balamban is a member of the International Don Bosco Green Alliance.

Don Bosco Green Alliance members work to create an environment that is safe and caring for all life on the planet while building up a new generation of environmentally committed citizens and leaders. The Alliance’s priorities are combating pollution, reducing global warming and eliminating disposable plastics.

Our students are being exposed to preparations of bamboo propagules in bamboo nurseries. Hopefully this knowledge can help them make passive income by growing Bamboo Seedlings while working in companies. This will help make Mother Earth a better place to live in by reducing global warming by planting bamboos. The bamboos have 400% carbon sequestration as one of their “Green Properties.”