DH inspires the First Batch of Cebu City Scholars

Councilor Dondon Hontiveros gave an inspirational talk to the first batch of Cebu City Scholars from Barangay Tabunan. He explained and distributed DH shirts which is a monicker for Dondon Hontiveros but also stands for the values of Discipline + Hard Work and for Dedication + Humility.

The first batch of Cebu City Scholars will have 6 weeks of intensive training in SMAW NC II in preparation for their eventual gainful employment in our partner companies.

This Scholarship Program Partnership with Cebu City through our Mobile Training Program is also an answer to the call of Pope Francis to get out of ourselves, and to go out to the peripheries to seek and help the poor, the lost and the abandoned.

Hopefully they become worthy of being part of the world-wide Bosconian Family. This will be the big challenge for our Salesian Youth Ministry.