Welcome Batch 48

We welcome Batch 48 to Don Bosco TVET Center Balamban. The applicants have started coming in last May 16, 2022. There will be 25 TESDA TWSP Scholars and the students from the 3rd District of Cebu will be enrolled in the Cebu Provincial Scholarship and Livelihood Program (SUGBO KAHANAS) through the help of Atty. Jimbo Borgonia (Board Member and Fellow Bosconian).

Fr. Brian Butanas has welcomed the early birds last Monday. The new students will now start their Induction and Endurance Program as Batch 48. We pray that they will become good christians and honest citizens of our nation. Welcome Batch 48 to the wonderful world of BOSCONIANS.

All our staff are fully vaccinated with booster shots and all applicants accepted are fully vaccinated. The SMAW NCI and NCII training will be in a bubble and will follow all Covid Protocols